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Book Reviews

The following book reviews have been reproduced with permission for your reading enjoyment.

Date Title Reviewer  
January 2002 The Excalibur Alternative Library Journal <read>
September 1998 Echoes of Honor Library Journal <read>
August 1997 In Enemy Hands Library Journal <read>
August 2001 March to the Sea Library Journal <read>
May 2001 March Upcountry Library Journal <read>
February 2002 The Shiva Option Library Journal <read>
September 2002 War of Honor Library Journal <read>
September 2012 Midst Toil and Tribulation Library Journal <read>
December 1992 Path of the Fury Kliatt <read>
November 1990 Insurrection Greenville Piedmont <read>
September 2010 Out Of the Dark From Publishers Weekly <read>
March 2010 Warriors fantasybookcritic <read>
March 2014 Cauldron of Ghosts Coming Soon! <read>
May 2007 1634: The Baltic War Booklist <read>
May 2009 Ashes of Victory Booklist <read>
November 2005 At All Costs Booklist <read>
January 2005 Bolo! Booklist <read>
July 2008 By Schism Rent Asunder Booklist <read>
September 2003 Crown of Slaves Booklist <read>
September 1998 Echoes of Honor Booklist <read>