Bolo! Review


  • Title: Bolo!
  • Date: January 01, 2005
Honor Harrington's creator is gaining new honors by taking a leading role in continuing the late Keith Laumer's best-known creation, a saga about the sentient tanks known as Bolos. In "Miles to Go," one of this book's four stories, a long-obsolete Bolo repels a mercenary invasion of a harmless agricultural colony. "The Traitor" is a Bolo who dies defending some refugee children, though they urge their protector to save himself. "A Time to Kill" is straightforward, high-intensity combat sf set on a planet of the alien Melchorians; it's undoubtedly the hardest piece to get into and the most exhausting to finish. In "With Your Shield," the Bolos have evolved to the point that they can mediate peace between humans and Melchorians, then set up on their own. Weber may not be the best sf hand at action, characterization, or hardware, but he is well to the forefront in combining those three elements into a seamless, highly readable fabric.