War of Honor Review

Library Journal

After the fall of the People's Republic of Haven, the newly formed government of Haven attempts to sue for peace in its ongoing war with the Manticorean-led Star Kingdom. Called home from active duty to help maintain an uneasy peace on the diplomatic front, Lady Dame Honor Harrington finds herself confronting scandal and internal treachery as the political situation steadily moves closer to a resumption of hostilities. The tenth novel in Weber's popular Honor Harrington series, which also includes three short story collections, expands the political and military aspects of his dynastic space saga into new arenas as new threats cause a shift in alliances and sets the stage for future spacefaring adventures. Series fans will enjoy the further exploits of favorite characters, while aficionados of military sf should appreciate the faithful attention to military detail in the battle scenes. A solid choice for sf collections, particularly for libraries that own previous series titles. nCopyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc. n