Author Links

Publishers & Distributors

  • Ad Astra Games
    Creators of the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator: the licensed game of Honorverse starship combat, based on the award-winning Attack Vector movement engine. Recommended for all those who love miniature warfare!
  • Amazon
    An amazing online collection of all of David's available titles in hardback, paperback, audiobook, and some Kindle editions
  • Baen Books
    The home of Baen Books and David's Honor Harrington, Empire of Man series, Dahak, and other works...Check out Baen's Bar and the Baen Free Library!
  • Barnes & Noble
    Also an excellent site to visit for people who like books!
  • Tor Books
    The online home of Tor Books, and David's Safehold series
  • Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore
    The online home of Uncle Hugo's, the oldest independent science fiction bookstore in America.  
  • Fiction Addiction
    The online home of Fiction Addiction, one of Greenville's best sources for formerly owned books, as well as Jill, the incredibly helpful and knowledgable bookstore owner!  
  • Richard's Comics & Collectables
    Greenville supplier of Honorverse graphic novels.


  • Bureau Nine
    David's technical assistance team
  • The Fifth Imperium
    Joe Buckley's amazing record of Baen's Bar wisdom and wackiness
  • Dark Expanse
    Dark Expanse© is a free-to-play, real-time, massive multi-player online strategy game of galactic conquest. Local commanders develop their resources, improve their planets, colonize new worlds, research new technologies and build space fleets while defending their territory and conquering enemy worlds. Choose your friends and allies carefully because mutual offensive, defensive and navigational capabilities can be achieved through combining forces with other commanders.
  • The Refuge Confederation
    Robert Mariner, author of The Refuge Series
  • The Weberverse
    The YouTube channel dedicated to all things Weber.

Fellow Authors

  • Eric Flint
    Visit the web-home of David's sometimes co-author and fellow author of the Assiti Shards novels
  • Jane Linskold
    David's talented friend and fellow author 
  • John Ringo
    David's co-author of the Empire of Man series and fellow author 
  • Joelle Presby
    Multiverse collaborator