The Excalibur Alternative Review

Library Journal

An alien spacecraft from the Galactic Federation rescues Sir George Wincaster and his army of knights and longbowmen from death at sea and forces the Englishmen to act as slave-mercenaries to fight intergalactic battles against other "primitive" species. When the captive soldiers discover allies in unlikely places, they embark on a bold uprising that leads to a surprising and fitting reentry into the history of their home planet. One of the genre's most accessible and skilled writers of military sf, Weber ("Honor Harrington" series) now delivers a lively and well-told tale of displaced warriors maintaining their courage and honor in the most difficult of circumstances. Based on a short story previously published in David Drake's Foreign Legions (LJ 6/15/01), this sf action adventure belongs in most libraries. nnCopyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.nn