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Sharon's Corner

Sharon's own personal corner of the Davidverse, where she can express her thoughts about family, care and feeding of an author, and life in general.

Family and Friends

  • Series: General
  • Date: July 18, 2009

Oh My Goodness! Someone out there read my post! And by that I mean someone outside of my family and friends!!! "You read me! You really read me!!" (sorry for the misquoted Sally Fields!)

So now I have to come up with more stuff to write about...and a few have sent some suggestions...Now some of those suggestions are a bit more suggestive than others!!! And I'll keep those in mind for later...wink, wink!!! But I digress...a few suggestions have been sent that I can use on this website. (Thanks Waldo B.!) I will be answering some in the next few postings...

Waldo wanted to know about family activities... Well, let's see, do we do anything as a family? Nope, nothing comes to mind. Well, maybe a few things...David is the cook and so he makes dinner almost every night...Then it's Daddy-time with the kids...Daddy is in charge of night-time tooth-brushing, reading, and pray hands...then we both tuck the kids in and do the goodnights. Mommy is not as good at the night-time routine as Daddy is. I have been told this by the night-time routine experts! But Mommy is the go-to person after lights monsters under the beds, bad storms or bad dreams get by on my watch!!! Daddy is not the expert on cleaning out dream-catchers either, that requires a Mommy's touch!

Now it has also come to my attention (Thanks Robert!) that I might use "US-centric" acronyms or "Americanisms" in my writing...sorry guys but I Am An American! (Cue Patriotic music!) Since SC (South Canterbury, that's UK, right?) is the postal code for our great state of South Carolina and since I thought that most of the readers would be family and friends, I didn't even think about it being a problem for anyone! Sorry! But I might, from time to time, slip up and use such phrases as "me boy-o" , "yonder" , "youse guys", "grits", or even "ya'll"...try not to think badly of me... little corner of the universe should get bigger, I guess!! But I think that it goes both ways...we don't have "conferences" here...we have conventions. Cons for short. We do take the kids to a few cons...mostly ones that we have been to before and know that the kids will be okay...Lindsey went with us to Boston with the kids on the train and that was an adventure!!! And she also went with us to Texas earlier this year, with the kids in tow. Yes, I know...the whole family 81 year old mother, my brother, his wife, and 7 year old daughter...Lindsey and David and I and the three kids...two vans, four kids, a Grandmother, and driving for two days there and two days back, for a three day con! It goes like this...South Carolina to Georgia, to Alabama, to Mississippi,to Louisiana, to Texas, and then back. We've been called worse, but crazy just about covers it! Gena has done cons with us too...and if her school schedule will allow, they both might go with us to a few next year. I will try to go into more details in a later post...

David is also the senior lay speaker at our church (Methodist) and I think that most readers could sense a strong religious theme in some of his writings. Our church family is small, about 100 members, so everyone knows everyone! Waldo also asked if there was "anything that anyone should consider pray-fully" for the family...a small word would be great for my mother. She just left the hospital after a two week stay and now is in a nursing home for some physical therapy, hopefully before coming home. Her health has been bad for a number of years and I pray that God will be gentle with her. Thanks for asking was very sweet of you.

I guess that's about it for this time...hope you enjoy and come back soon!