Colony ship


Title Dedication Date
Hell's Gate For Sharon, always. Because with her on my side,I can face the multiverse head-on.- David For David and Aubrey, who keep me smiling, And for Bob, always, for his endless technical assistance. I couldn’t whiff or trace without him.- Linda April 2008
Honor Among Enemies For Bombur, If cats had hands, he would have been Nimitz. February 1996
In Enemy Hands For Sharon, who loves me anyway. July 1997
March to the Sea For “Uncle Steve” Griswold, USMC, the“barbarian” who taught me that people are always responsible for their ownactions, but that sometimes good peoplehave to take the responsibility for fixing other people’s mistakes. You did…for thirty-one years. God Bless.  May 2001
March Upcountry This book is dedicated to our mothers.To Alice Louise Godard Weber,Who put up with me, taught me, edited me, believed in me, and encouraged me to believe I could be a writer... despite all evidence to the contrary. I love you. There. I said it.To Jane M. Ringo,For dragging me places I didn’t want to go and trying to make me eat stuff that would turn a monkey’s stomach. Thanks Mom. You were right. May 2001
Midst Toil and Tribulation To Sharon, of course! September 2012
Off Armageddon Reef For Fred Saberhagen, whose work has brought me – and so many others – so much pleasure. It’s always nice when someone whose work you like so much turns out to be even more likeable as a person.And –For Sharon, who loves me, puts up with my insane schedule, helps me remember which day of the month it is, knows just about everything there is about swimming, and has been known to suggest a three-hanky scene or two to me along the way.Not that I’m saying she did it this time.O, my, no!I love you. January 2007
On Basilisk Station To C.S. Forester, With thanks for hours of enjoyment, years of inspiration, and a lifetime of admiration. April 1992
Out Of the Dark For Fred and Joan Saberhagen.Friends and inspirations, in more than one way.I hope you like Basarab, Fred! September 2010
Path of the Fury To my parents,Who said I could. December 1992