Colony ship


Title Dedication Date
Hell's Gate For Sharon, always. Because with her on my side,I can face the multiverse head-on.- David For David and Aubrey, who keep me smiling, And for Bob, always, for his endless technical assistance. I couldn’t whiff or trace without him.- Linda April 2008
Hell Hath No Fury For Megan, Morgan, and Mikey Paul,who put up with their Dad.See? I really was working on something!- David WeberFor David and Aubrey, Bob and Susan,And all the people who keep me goingWhen the going is rough.- Linda Evans June 2008
Heirs of Empire To Jane's Friends February 1996
Flag in Exile To Roger Zelazny - A gentleman, a scholar, a story-teller, and a friend I didn’t know long enough. September 1995
Field of Dishonor “It is always a bad thing when political matters are allowed to affect. . . the planning of operations.”Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, 160 Ante-Diaspora (1943 C.E.) October 1994
Echoes of Honor I would like to express my thanks to Mark Newman, Doctor of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. I think you’ll recognize the reason why when it comes around. October 1998
Crown of Slaves To Andre Norton-Andre, you proved long ago that being a giant has nothing to do with physical stature. You’ve been taking giant steps and teaching the art of story-telling for over half a century, and we are among those – those many – who have been priviledged to be your students. It’s time we told the teacher thank you. September 2003
By Schism Rent Asunder This one is for Sharon. Well, they all are, really, and I don’t usually do public love letters, but this year is an exception. Thank you for marrying me all over again. I love you. July 2008
At All Costs For Richard Andrew Earnshaw1951-2005After forty years of shared laughter, love, and tears,It’s hard to let go. But it’s time.So fly, Richard.Wherever you are,Wherever God takes you,Fly high.I love you.And for Edward Omondroyd,Purveyor of fine wonders for the young,With deepest thanks. November 2005
1634: The Baltic War To Anna Lou Ballew McQuade May 2007