Colony ship


Title Dedication Date
We Few This one’s for Gena and Lindsey,Without whom I would never havesurvived to get it written. April 2005
The Shadow of Saganami For Anne McCaffrey,Because ideas, like dragons, fly,And you helped give mine wings. October 2004
Wind Rider's Oath For Megan, Morgan, and Michael, who hold my Heart in their hands. And always and especially for Sharon, the center of us all, for making miracles possible. May 2004
Crown of Slaves To Andre Norton-Andre, you proved long ago that being a giant has nothing to do with physical stature. You’ve been taking giant steps and teaching the art of story-telling for over half a century, and we are among those – those many – who have been priviledged to be your students. It’s time we told the teacher thank you. September 2003
War of Honor For every adoptive parent who knows the true heart-hunger.God bless. October 2002
1633 To Sharon and Lucille,For putting up with us whileWe disappeared into this book! July 2002
The Shiva Option The authors would like to extend their sincere thanks to Fred Burton, war gamer and friend, who personally designed the entire Star Union of Crucis and not only made it live, but also gave us permission to steal…er, borrow it for our story.Thanks, Fred. February 2002
The Excalibur Alternative For Bobbie and Sharon, my two favorite ladies. January 2002
March to the Sea For “Uncle Steve” Griswold, USMC, the“barbarian” who taught me that people are always responsible for their ownactions, but that sometimes good peoplehave to take the responsibility for fixing other people’s mistakes. You did…for thirty-one years. God Bless.  May 2001
March Upcountry This book is dedicated to our mothers.To Alice Louise Godard Weber,Who put up with me, taught me, edited me, believed in me, and encouraged me to believe I could be a writer... despite all evidence to the contrary. I love you. There. I said it.To Jane M. Ringo,For dragging me places I didn’t want to go and trying to make me eat stuff that would turn a monkey’s stomach. Thanks Mom. You were right. May 2001