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    January 01, 2003
    ISBN: 001767
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    January 01, 2003
    DOI: 671318268
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    November 01, 2002
    ISBN: 74343580
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    August 01, 2001
    ISBN: 671318268


March to the Sea

Title Summary

  • Series:Empire of Man with John Ringo
  • First Release:May 02, 2001


The successor to March Upcountry 

It wasn't so much that Prince Roger and his surviving remnant of elite bodyguards are marooned on a barbarian planet. Or that they have been on continuous operations for so long they are getting shocky. Or that they still have half a planet to cross. Or that they are basically out of ammunition for their plasma and bead rifles and just about out of cash. Sure, those are all problems, but they're not the real problem.

No, the problem is Roger is in love. With one of his bodyguards. And the romance is not going well. Damnbeast? Sure. Vampiric moths? Okay. Screaming waves of barbarians? No problem. But when you have Nimashet Despreaux and Prince Roger Ramius Sergei Chiang MacClintock at sword's point, that's real danger.

And it's just the beginning.

To get to the distant port that is their only way off the planet, they'll be forced to battle enraged monsters, displaced mercenaries, religious fanatics and a barbarian horde to shame the Huns. Along the way they'll have to recreate the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. And do it all in a context their four-armed, horned, grizzly-bear sized native allies can handle.

It will strain all their experience and knowledge, as the most elite, the most multitalented and above all the toughest bodyguards in human space. But the really hard part will be keeping Roger and Nimashet from killing each other.

Title Dedication

  • For “Uncle Steve” Griswold, USMC, the

    “barbarian” who taught me that people

    are always responsible for their own

    actions, but that sometimes good people

    have to take the responsibility for fixing

    other people’s mistakes. You did…for

    thirty-one years. God Bless.