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    June 01, 2000
    ISBN: 9780671578558
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    June 01, 2000
    DOI: 671578553
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    January 01, 1999
    ISBN: 9780671577865


Worlds of Honor

Title Summary

  • Series:Honorverse (Anthologies)
  • First Release:February 01, 1999

In just a few short years, David Weber has shot to the forefront of science fiction! The core of his work is Honor Harrington, the toughest, smartest starship captain in the galaxy. Now Weber invites you to join him and his invitees as they explore Honor's universe.

The Host and His Guests:

  • David Weber himself is on board, first telling how young Honor Harrington and her treecat Nimitz faced the impossible task of rescuing the victims of an avalanche in a sub-zero blizzard, then revealing a chapter in the history of the telepathic treecats when a young human who bonded with a treecat was a Very Important Person. Specifically, she was a Manticoran crown princess and the heir to the throne of the empire....
  • Roland Green offers a hard-hitting account of what happened when Manticore and the People's Republic of Haven went eyeball-to-eyeball over a strategically vital planet....
  • Linda Evans looks at life among the treecats, before Honor.. ..
  • Jane Lindskold tells how Honor's monarch, Elizabeth III, had to learn the hard way what monarchy is all about....