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    February 01, 1999
    ISBN: 9780671577926
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    February 01, 1999
    DOI: 671878735
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    May 01, 1998
    ISBN: 9780671878733

The War God's Own

Title Summary

  • Series:War God
  • First Release:May 01, 1998

Bahzell Bahnakson of the Horse Stealer hradani never wanted to be a champion of the War God. Unfortunately, Tomandk had insisted. Even more unfortunately, Bahzell's own sense of responsibility hadn't let him say, "No." Which was how he found himself in the Empire of the Axe, where even people who didn't actively hate hradani regarded them with suspicion and fear.

Of course, that was only the start of his problems.

Title Dedication

  • For Clarence A. Weber,

     my father.

     A man who loved books and taught me to, as well.



    I wish you were here to read this one

     like you promised.