We Few Review


  • Title: We Few
  • Date: April 01, 2005
Prince Roger MacClintock is coming home with, besides the handful of survivors of the Bronze Battalion company he led across Marduk, a substantial number of four-armed Mardukans. First, however, he has to get help, in the form of a ship, from a planet inhabited by two different alien races. Then he has to convince the Sixth Fleet of the Empire of Man that, even though he is disguised down to the genetic level, he is really who he says he is, and that he wasn't responsible for the putsch against his mother, the empress. Winning Sergeant Nimashet Despreaux to become his empress-mate is almost a bagatelle in comparison. Furthermore, a whole new set of problems arrives when he and his hardy band hit Earth and begin operations under the cover of a Mardukan restaurant. Real villains the earl of New Madrid and the prince of Kellerman are only part of his worries, and offsetting organized crime are loyalists like Sergeant Major Catrone. Roland GreennCopyright American Library Association. All rights reserved