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The Apocalypse Troll Review

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In the year 2007, two UFO formations,one helmed by alien Kangas, the other by humans, burst into sight over the Atlantic. Both groups are from the future; the humans have been pursuing the Kangas through time in a desperate effort to stop them from showering Earth with biological weapons. Firing nuclear warheads at their enemies, and at a nearby navy carrier group, the Kangas almost win but are finally defeated by a special navy taskforce. One human from the future survives the battle. She is Colonel Ludmilla Leonovna, rescued by an ex-SEAL, Captain Richard Aston. But one of the human-brained Kanga cyborgs called Trolls also survives, and is determined to use his weapons and his ability to control minds to fulfill his masters' highest desire: the destruction of humanity. Aston and Leonovna, who retains one Troll-killing weapon, find themselves leading an international effort to locate and destroy the Troll, who is raising a following among hate groups in the Appalachians. Although not written on the magisterial scale of his recent Honor Harrington volumes, this is worthwhile Weber. The novel's final third is a particular delight, offering nonstop action that's both well executed and emotionally satisfying. nCopyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.