In Enemy Hands Review


Many may think Weber's new Honor Harrington story is the best of the lot, but all will concur that its tone is distinctly darker than that of the other six. Commanding a joint Grayson-Manticoran squadron, Honor is aboard the point ship when it encounters a formidably well led Havenite force. She is captured and scheduled for execution under the direction of People's Commissioner Cordelia Ransom, but she manages to escape. Although she wipes out Ransom in the process, her latest exploit ends up as a true cliff-hanger, with Honor, minus an arm and an eye, and a hard core of 20 loyal followers marooned on a Havenite prison planet. Everything series fans have enjoyed before is here again, with new dimensions filled in. The Havenites, for example, are clearly splitting into camps of ideologues and professionals, and the expected Nimitz subplot has the tree-cat and a contingent of comrades founding the first tree-cat interstellar colony on Grayson. Roland Green n