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Schedule update

In the breaks in his writing schedule, David has promised to stop by and chat for a while!
Re: Schedule update
Post by rocket_scientist   » Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:04 am


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PlaysWithBees wrote:Copy him into Nahrman’s mainframe. Then he could write in “hyper-heuristic mode.”

I was thinking Hyper Heuristic mode myself. Then I began to wonder if even in HH mode RFC could finally finish all his book series, collaborations, special projects, and new story ideas. I am afraid that he would rapidly find that what he thought would only take two or three more books to finish a series would with the extra time grow to 10. His collaborations would end up with wasted weeks and months waiting for a reply back from people not running in HH mode. His list of special projects has probably always been trimmed in the back of his mind by the limitations of time and all the other work he has and once the time limitation is gone the bottom drops out of the special projects list and the number of projects to start grows almost exponentially. And the new ideas may turn into the new series ideas with the obvious impact on workload.

Of course, the VR would also need to have a place for Sharon to keep him organized, fed, and sane. And then more room for all the proofreaders, publisher's agents, first readers, etc. It would end up being a very LARGE VR!

And then the rest of us may need to put ourselves in hyper-heuristic mode in order to read and enjoy the mountain of output he would generate. But boy would it be worth it!


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