March to the Stars Review


The dynamic duo of Weber and Ringo continue Prince Roger McClintock's adventures, which are coming to constitute a military sf classic. During an ocean crossing, McClintock and his diminished band of marines and Mardukans rescue the beautiful Princess Pedi--beautiful by Mardukan standards, that is, and enough so to mate with D'Nai Cord, Roger's shaman advisor. Upon arriving near the imperial base, the marchers find one local realm violently opposed to them and discover that it has been suborned by a faction in the empire that is slimier than any Mardukan faction and has overthrown Roger's mother and declared him an outlaw. Fortunately, Princess Pedi is the daughter of another local potentate, who helps Roger beat the tar out of his rivals and take the spaceport, after which the allies have to deal with a hit squad from the bad guys. Humans and Mardukans fight side by side, and soldiers' deaths are died. Pure entertainment for military sf buffs, who will easily turn all 500-plus pages of it. Roland GreennCopyright American Library Association. All rights reserved